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WHO WE ARE | The founding members of derive from the various countries that make up the African Continent along with members that represent and reflect the diversity of the global population. However, the common goal that unites us all is the commitment and dedication toward the advancement and prosperity of the Continent of Africa. | WHAT WE DO | WHAT WE DO

WHAT WE DO | We coordinate, facilitate, and carryout the tedious tasks involved in successfully navigating and doing business in the emerging economies of the African Continent. Membership Membership

WHAT WE DO FOR YOU | Our members can now engage the global business community 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year without the traditional expense of travel and logistics of globetrotting to promote the vast interest of each country.








group-aviationgroup-bioenergygroup-fundinggroup-legalgroup-agriculturegroup-manufacturersgroup-auto-equipmentgroup-housinggroup-securitygroup-technologygroup-waste-managementgroup-going-green is a virtual platform for the exchange of information, innovative ideas, investments and solutions to aide in the advancement and transformation of the African continent.

We are in constant contact with many leaders globally with a special emphasis placed on and its capabilities. It’s members believe it is now time for Africa to promote itself through the most advanced technologies and current communications. This platform will highlight the talents and innovations that exist within each member's country. and it’s founding members have decided to contribute to the advancement of the African Continent via the development of a virtual and tangible platform and a database of real opportunities available to the world of public and private investors and partners.