African ServicesContacts Service:

Through our physical platforms (back office), telephone and internet forums we receive and identify, public, private and individual sustainable opportunities structured to attract the attention of potential investors. For the sake of efficiency we orient and assist our members in linking the various project components with complete follow-through services: Legal, financial, technical and technological and environmental, etc.

Advertisement and Promotional Service:

This service provides an advertising space for our members to promote their products and events in Africa and the world. This space promotes the huge public and private potential of Africa and showcase for the world to Africa where financial investors, technical, technological, legal, innovative etc. can be interconnected.

Consultancy and Advisory Service:

Our expert advice and assistance ranges from the collection of the data or analysis thereof from our members to potential investors in Africa. We continue to develop our partnerships with firms of financial experts, legal, technical and environmental interest and implement the most comprehensive strategies to support projects in the direction of Africa and the people of Africa.

Commercial Offers and Partnership Service:  

No brokers accepted 

Direct Commercial Offers

This space is dedicated to direct marketing offers which can give African raw materials and their owners the ability to realize the direct value. This service is more beneficial for cooperatives, small and medium production groups of raw material to research opportunities and partnerships for the mutual benefit of their communities.

Supply and Demand of Partnership:

We generate partnership offerings in all sectors of development in the technical, financial, technological, legal, academic, research, innovation, etc. with the aim of training and promoting direct related services.

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