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The Public-Private Partnerships is to organize and manage the formation of public-private partnerships at the local government levels, and to open the desire of governments and businesses of their means by which their collective cooperation can effectively provide the clients with quality goods and services.

This department is designed to connect the public opportunities which governments seek full or partial privatization. Large firms in stressful times may promote their search for partners to boost their company or on a greater scale this partnership will may be obtained using several models:

  • Outsourcing Opportunities
  • Generating Service Agreement
  • Contract Management
  • Contracts for Leasing
  • Signing Concessions
  • Build Own Operate (BOO) Contract 
  • Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) Contract 
  • Design-Build-Finance-Operate (DBFO) Contract 

These types of investments can be applied in the fields of energy, water, infrastructure, justice, defense, transport etc., where the state and foreign investors win.


  1. To serve as an advocate of public-private partnerships.
  2. To provide complete, objective, timely and useful information utilizing the public-private partnerships to provide services and facilities to the general public.
  3. To facilitate communications between public- and private-sector members with respect to issues related to the implementation of public-private partnerships.
  4. To conduct educational, training and other activities on public-private partnerships.
  5. To provide input to the public dialogue in support of the use of public-private partnerships and identify and eliminate impediments to their implementation.
  6. To facilitate an international dialogue on public-private partnerships in support of the local and foregoing objectives.

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