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FRANÇOIS XAVIER NGOMBA, Founder & CEO Follow me on Twitter LinkedIn - F. Ngomba

Cameroonian born FRANÇOIS XAVIER NGOMBA is a businessman and consultant with over 20 years of extensive travel around the world; knowledge of the globe; fluent in French, English and many native languages. Mr. NGOMBA has adapted himself and aligned himself to assist business, religious and political leaders throughout Central Africa and has established an impeccable diplomatic demeanor and strong ties with many world leaders, foreign companies and businessmen whose interest are helping and investing in Africa.

Experienced in multi-cultural work environments and worked in different functional areas such as support to Engineering Design/FEED supports, Projects, Sales, Operation and Maintenance, covering the life cycle of projects in different infrastructural systems used in the Oil/Gas/Petro sector.

After only six years of grammar school with GCE Advance Level (1989) in the studies of Natural Science and Mathematics, Mr. NGOMBA was promoted into YAOUNDE UNIVERSITY where he obtained his degree within a three year period. During 1992, in which there was a big economic crisis period for all African countries, his Company focused additional efforts venturing into tropical products (cocoa, coffee, woods and goods) where they navigated their way reorganizing diversified ways for the international exchange markets.

Mr. NGOMBA is currently Vice President of an association which supports persons with integration difficulties in France in the capacity of language, writing, administrative and legal procedures, which also include remedial courses for the children and their families in trouble.

EVERARD DAVIS, Co-Founder | Chairman & CFO FaceBook - Everard Davis Follow me on Twitter Everard Davis - LinkedIn

Mr. DAVIS is the Chairman & CEO of TDD Investments and a 40+ year veteran in business development. With extensive international business strategy experience in Africa and Bermuda, he has developed the ability to connect with people across multiple cultures and environments. His whole career has been founded on doing what he does best: bringing two worlds together by providing people-to-people contacts. Mr. Davis has vast experience working with local community leadership on significant socially conscious projects. He maintains an entrepreneurial spirit that spurs him to success working across multiple industries.

Mr. Davis also has vast experience in building start-ups and has spent over 38 years working and building a manufacturing & wholesale company plus 25 years on his Internet business on 47th Street. He is also the founder and president of City Developers and The Diamond District Inc., New York, a wholesale, manufacturing and marketing firm that provides services to corporations and manufacturers. In 1996 he created the very first e-commerce site that take the diamond and jewelry business direct to the retail market through the internet. Home of the First Diamond sold online!

His passion is youth development and for community involvement in the redevelopment of inner city neighborhoods, and his familiarity with the needs of young military families has led him to support benevolent organizations like the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marine’s & Airmen’s Club Fund (SSMAC).

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