Afriiica MembershipAFRIIICA Members of the 54 African countries communities now have a place to promote their opportunities for the public sector. By submitting your opportunities and proposals with us, it opens the ability to be in contact with our global network for financial and technical support.

African private companies — this is the place to be on top the investment news in addition to seeking financial and technical partners. This is the place for displaying to the world what products and services you offer, what you’re doing and how to attract more partners that can best serves your needs.

Global African companies — this is the portal where you can connect with reliable opportunities and when you became an AFRIIICA member you will be able to take advantage of reaching your goals faster as you display all your capabilities and opportunities and the benefits of global investments to those seeking specific company investment needs.

AFRIIICA Global is the only place where you have the full access for the information about the 54 African countries, their companies, their people, their needs etc., saving you Time and Money while getting information on all Investment opportunities. With one click you can make concrete decisions with which sector is best for your Investment needs.


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