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The Investment Fund:

Investment funds are organizations specifically asked for the establishment of financial arrangements, and raising funds for each investment initiated by each pole. AFRIIICA wants to build a strong network of financial ability to respond to this opportunity.

Private Investors:

* The Private Investors, global fortunes approached to support certain projects in clusters, especially in the areas of conservations of biodiversity, ecology, health, education, health … etc and other projects direct impact on people through government and local NGOs. They can also take share from companies of African states. Consolidate the global black diaspora and especially U.S. to build an investment fund for investment in African countries.

Creation of an African Investment Bank:

The short-term goal is to create an African Investment Bank to accompany the process of industrialization and support private sector development.

The Education Investment Fund:

Investment funds allocated for youth development, future engineers, laborers, etc. that will contribute to the growth of factories and corporations.

The Funding 10 Point Check Process:

Every Investment Funding Opportunity MUST first pass through our 10 Point Check in order to minimize to the risks involved in start-up relationships.
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