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Le Gabon Emergent

The project “Emerging Gabon”by President Ali Bongo Ondimba is to implement a strategy that spring is the development of human resource potential, natural and minéralières Gabon. This is why it has made the strategic choice to focus the development of the country around three pillars of growth baptized« Gabon industriel », « Gabon vert » et « Gabon des |

The President of  Gabon: Ali Bongo

Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon entering politics in 1981. Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1989 to 1991 and deputy of the National Assembly, he then served as Minister of Defence from 1999 to 2009. In July 2009, he was appointed official candidate of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) to advance to the death of the Head of State presidential election. Elected President of the Gabonese Republic on 30 August 2009, he took the oath October 16, 2009. |

Gabon Earth Tourism and Ecotourism


National Park  Moukalaba Doudou

 With its exceptional wealth, great work done for over 10 years by hundreds of scientists, Gabonese and international experts in all fields of sustainable development and climate plan, the President of the Republic wished to bring the eyes of all Gabonese and the international community its vision and commitment of Gabon in an original model of development geared to global issues. What better way for the Gabonese Presidency which mobilized the National Agency for National Parks (ANPN) that produce a multimedia work in unique interactive 3D world on the Internet to share with you these riches, this work, these experiences and vision

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Invest in Gabon

Invest In Gabon

Gabon is characterized by an active economic policy and attractive business environment .Invest in Gabon is in a secure through strengthening good governance environment and the existing strong institutions . The Gabonese government has indeed issued laws to ensure social and political stability conducive to trade and will provide effective support to investors. Several initiatives have been implemented to launch the country on the path of emergence, including:


GABON FER DE BELINDA• The creation of the Agency for Investment Promotion and Export , to catalyze investment opportunities and make it easier for investors.



Mining Opportunities

• The development of platforms that allow businesses to access public and private markets and thus improve their customer base and increase sales.





Wood and Forestry Opportunities

• operations of raising capital for the financing of major projects .

• The participation of Gabon major economic and trade events to promote local businesses and their products and / or services




opportunities for oil ; ,blocks- refining•

• The creation of Specialized Economic Zones to create tax incentives , administrative and sectoral .

• The establishment of a Presidential Investment Council ,

Thus, the current policy mix in Gabon makes a compelling business platform , a natural hub of the region. Discover the web documentary entitled: | Gabon, land of opportunities  |ww | | |

 ZES DE NKOK (special economic zone )

Special Economic Zone ( SEZ) Nkok is one of embodiments of the ideal of Gabon Gabon green and industrial pillars of the Head of State of Gabon , Ali Bongo Ondimba economic project. SEZs are indeed an exemplary project for local value-added processing of wood through the realization of a joint venture agreement signed between the Gabonese government ( which owns 40% of the project) and the company OLAM International Singapore.
SEZ Nkok a strategic project
Area of ​​1,126 hectares for the development, management and commerce (national, sub-regional and international); About 2 million hectares of forest land have been allocated to the project; Located 30 km from Port Owendo , near the railway Ntoum and close to the national road RN1 (just 500 m north of the site Nkok ) ;Echoes the export ban effective logs since 2010 . Objectives of the SEZ Nkok the establishment of industrial park Nkok is to: Establishment of advantageous tax arrangements and customs ; Attract foreign investors (63 companies confirmed their presence with a quarantine in the industry – wood industries , metallurgy , construction, mineral processing , light industry – completing 80% booking phase 1); Industrialization of the timber industry ;Job creation ( between 2,000 positions – including providers – 7000 and 2015 ) .

Your Business In Gabon :Tenders and opportunities

key sectors for worldwide investors : energy (solar, hydro, biomass, renewable ..), infrastructure, roads, natural resources, mining, agriculture, forestry, telecommunications, tourism and ecotourism, responsible tourism, education, research, health, fisheries, transport

Tenders: Réalisation  de l’Aménagement Paysager de la Cité de la Démocratie


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 Your visa for Gabon

Gabon Nature

Gabon, in the heart of equatorial Africa, land investment, tourism and eco-tourism opportunities, is ready to welcome you for diffents reasons for your trip. Its modern and international standard infrastructure offer investors and tourists ideal reasons to stay conditions. Wherever you contact the Gabonese diplomatic missions in your area and plan your trip … Welcome to GABON.

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