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VISIT D.R. CongoRDC FRONT PAGEGiant of Africa by area (2,345,410 km 2) and its natural potential (ground basement) Democratic Republic of Congo in the heart of equatorial Africa proud gives appearance of a “continent in a continent “. 2nd African country in terms of area, the Democratic Republic of Congo with over 60 million people and its borders with nine neighboring countries due to its advantages of real engines of development. This immensity also requires governments and the Congolese people a phenomenal deployment to meet the enormous challenges of its development and its projection into a modern country. But the Democratic Republic of Congo has the means of his ambition and the men and women to achieve.|www.rdcongo-tourisme.cd |

DRC Président  Joseph KABILA

DRC Président

President Joseph Kabila came to power in 2001, the country is emerging from a political crisis and its main objective is to rebuild a united nation. Task to which he will strive with great determination , his second election gives him an opportunity to put the country on orbit for the emergence and his second mandate since 2012 , President Joseph Kabila has embarked on a vast program modernization of the Democratic Republic of Congo called ” 5 yards of the President ” : Infrastructure, Health and Education , Water and Electricity, Housing, Jobs . These projects in their prospects of achieving will build on the tremendous human and natural potential of the Democratic Republic of Congo , the first embodiment, the show today with a brand new hospitals …. infrastructure starts to open up the vast country and enable better mobility Congolese the construction of social housing …. all actions aim one and the same goal :

President Joseph Kabila and the Congolese Youth "spearhead an emergent Congo"

President Joseph Kabila and the Congolese Youth “spearhead an emergent Congo”

the modernization of the Democratic Republic of Congo to provide the Congolese a better quality of life .www.presidentrdc.cd | www.rdc.primature.cd www.facebook.com |

DRC Tourism and Eco-Tourism

DRC Eco-Tourism

DRC Eco-Tourism

Democratic Republic of Congo in its unique biodiversity , offers tourists , eco – tourists and investors in the sector unspeakable opportunities for nature in its fauna, flora and terrain , makes the Democratic Republic of Congo, synthesis of large central Africa, south and east .The equatorial forests of the north, the great hills of southern its bushland East with as much biodiversity might build democratic republic ” World Heritage ” to preserve. Crossed by the 2nd largest river in the world , the Congo River appears to be what the nil to Egypt in its socio- cultural role and its impact on the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo , congo river site among the major tourist and economic assets. How not to speak of its three large lakes ( Victoria , Kivu , Tanganyika ) that make the DRC one of the wettest place in the world …..|www.rdcongo-tourisme.cd |


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Mining Sector

Often referred  as geological scandal his basement is unusually packed an endless supply of raw materials popular worldwide in the industrial process. This is why President Joseph Kabila and his government would capitalize on this potential and make a driver of its development with a rational exploitation, judicious and controlled for these raw materials in a real policy of industrial processing to give more value to these past and also create jobs, all framed by the logic of reducing the environmental impact. www.investindrc.cd

Industry Sectr

Industry Sector

Rich in its basement, the Democratic Republic of Congo is gradually implementing an industrial fabric that will transform him from treading water resources with a real positive impact on employment, some laws in the exploitation of mineral deposits require a first transformation step locally reinforced by a ban on exports of raw mining products.

RDC agricultureThe agricultural sector in full expansion with over 80% of unused arable land the Democratic Republic of Congo, provides opportunities for national and international investors in agribusiness, bio-energy preserving the concept of family farming with less ecological impact on nature

Opportunity in the sectors of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock

A. Agriculture

– Resumption of operations of oil palm (Bandundu, Equateur);

– Recovery of perennial crops in all the Provinces of the Republic;

– Production and transport of logs (Equator, Province Orientale, Kasai Occidental and Bandundu Mayombe in the Bas-Congo);

– Industrial wood processing (Kinshasa, Kisangani, Kananga);

– Exploitation of Hevea (Ecuador, Bandundu, Bas-Congo);

– Operation of cinchona (South Kivu);

– Production of pulp paper (Kinshasa);

B. Fisheries and Livestock

– Establishment of breeding pigs and poultry around major urban centers economic units;

   – Milk production (Katanga, Kivu, Province Orientale, Bas-Congo);

  –  Rehabilitation of presidential Agro-Industrial Area N’Sele;

   – Development activities waterway, sea and lake fishing.

Corn Field

Corn Field   Cassava field Cassava field

In agriculture, the Democratic Republic of Congo would also highlight the agricultural crops in each region of Congo. This program aims to promote agricultural identity of each region of the Congo and to the concept of family farming throughout the prominence it has always occupied in African tribes in general and Congolese in particular. Prospects are envisaged to see Congolese agriculture to feed its own population. Mechanization of this family agriculture is imperative and control of agricultural techniques should provide the Congolese agriculture sector the means to achieve food self-sufficiency and export if needed … the president and his government are aware :

-Training programs are implemented in the various agricultural institutions in the country to bring the Congolese youth has an interest in this very promising area.

– The framing of the population ecological techniques for better management of the land area in the dynamics of organic farming.

– The mechanization of agriculture is supported by the creation of production units of agricultural machinery stalled Congo technical partnerships with the Ministry of Agriculture promotes.

Your Business In D.R. Congo:Tenders and opportunities

Without limitation , the infrastructure sector offers private investors of all stripes opportunities grow their capital , developing a win-win partnership with the Congolese State , including through the BOT (Build -Operate- Transfer) , or of execution of works contracts. Similarly , investors can develop partnerships with existing public institutions for capacity building for production, operation and management.

infrastructure sector

infrastructure sector

c ) With regard to air transport, the DRC has 500 airstrips which is managed by the Board Airway (RVA ) . The country further 270 airfields , including 101 open to public traffic , 164 private airfields and five military airfields ;

• Of the 101 open to public traffic tracks, RVA manages 51, including 5 international airports ( Kinshasa , Lubumbashi , Kisangani , Goma and Gbadolité ) ;

d) The network of waterways, with a length of 16,238 km , includes maritime reach Banana – Matadi (150 km) , the average reach Kinshasa , Kisangani , the Kasai River and its tributaries ( 13,458 km ) and finally the upper reach Lualaba and lakes ( 2,630 km ) . On this network, are arranged 40 river and lake ports.

The Government’s vision for infrastructure is to ensure the integration of the Congolese economy both internally and sub- regional markets by establishing communication networks (roads , rails, etc.). Articulating level 4 corridors :

• North Corridor ;• Corridor East / Northeast ;• Corridor North / South ;• Corridor East / Southeast.Below, some public projects submitted for funding from the private sector :

• Rehabilitation of the railway Ilebo – Kananga – Lubumbashi – ditu Mwene – Sakania ( 1833 km ) ;

• Construction of the railway Kinshasa Ilebo (1015 km);

• Modernisation of the railway Matadi -Kinshasa (365 km);


Energy Sector

• Rehabilitation of Central Inga I and II hydro -electric ;

• Construction of the Inga III hydropower plant ( 4,320 MW capacity ) ;

• Construction of the Inga III hydropower plant ( 4,320 MW capacity ) ;

• Construction of Hydroelectric Power Grand INGA (power 39,000 MW);

• Construction of the hydro -electric plant Tshala 2 (12 MW);

• Construction of the hydro -electric plant Katende (64 MW);

• Construction of the hydro -electric plant Busanga (240 MW ) and associated networks;

• Construction of the hydro- power plant Semliki in North Kivu (72 MW);

• Construction of the hydro -electric plant Wanie Rukula in the Eastern Province (700 MW) , etc. .

key sectors for worldwide investors : energy (solar, hydro, biomass, renewable ..), infrastructure, roads, natural resources, mining, agriculture, forestry, telecommunications, tourism and ecotourism, responsible tourism, education, research, health, fisheries, transport


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Welcome to the Congo,

Democratic Republic of Congo, land investment opportunities, tourism, eco-tourism, dynamic and welcoming population is ready to welcome you. You only need to contact our diplomatic missions. Staff of its diplomatic missions is available to help you plan your trip.

Diplomatic missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo Diplomatic missions are currently  64 in the world .

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