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Congo Nature

Congo Nature

Land of Wonders and authenticity, Congo Brazzaville le2ème global green lung of the planet with the Amazon. Forest occupying 60% of the country with a unique fauna and biodiversity world, the Congo is a global issues for the preservation of the ecological balance of the earth. Congolese leaders are very aware of the prépodérante up the country for the Millennium, its natural potential and the center of attention of the highest official body of the country, President Sassou Nguesso, who defined the fight against poaching because too much harm to wildlife as a major axis of the elephant conservation currently hunted for its ivory.

The President 

President Denis Sassous Nguesso

President Denis Sassou Nguesso

Denis Sassou Nguesso mark special way Africa and the world during his tenure. In 1990, its ability to adapt to situations led him to open the country to multiparty democracy. – In 1991, he accepted the holding of sovereign national conference that leads to political cohabitation until it assumes the organization in 1992, democratic elections, after which he withdrew the reins of power for make way for the alternation. He returned to power at the end of the war on 5 June 1997 . His constant ambition to reconcile the people with himself leads once again to introduce two frameworks for dialogue in order to create the conditions for a permissive environment for sustainable peace and security: National Forum for Reconciliation, the unity and reconstruction of the Congo in 1998 and inclusive national dialogue in 2001. – January 20 , 2002, anxious to promote a new political and institutional framework to enable a broad expression of the people , he organized a referendum which led to the adoption of a new constitution. – March 10 , 2002, Denis Sassou Nguesso was elected President of the Republic for a term of 7 years. – In July 2003, always aware of the problems of Africa and challenged by numerous conflicts that destabilize the continent , Denis Sassou Nguesso passed at the meeting of the African Union in Maputo, Mozambique , a doctrine security and called “Pact of non-Aggression and Common Defence ” peace.  This protocol establishes the independence of Namibia , the withdrawal of South African troops from Angola and Cuba , the end of apartheid , the release of Nelson Mandela and the advent of the new South Africa . A further considers that it is to be designated for the second time , President of the African Union, 24 January 2006 in Khartoum. For the emergence of the Congo and the welfare of Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso urged the entire country in a comprehensive program called “the way of the future” designed to modernize and industrialize the country to prosperity, better living and well-being of each and every Congolese. | |

Congo Tourism & Ecotourism

Congo TourismeThe Government of the Republic of Congo has placed tourism at the heart of its development endeavors. Congo’s natural and simplistic beauty, rich forests, diverse wildlife and rapidly growing infrastructures have made it a rising destination for tourism. The National Office of Tourism in the Republic of Congo handles tourism related questions and is dedicated to making your trip to the Republic of Congo unforgettable. Congolese tourism relies on the quality of its forest and offers a unique opppotunité in Congo to develop ecotourism in the discovery and preservation of biodiversity mondiale.Le Congo is located in the heart of the Congo, the world’s second ecological lung Basin after the Amazon. The Congolese forest extends over an area of ​​22.2 million ha or 60% of the national territory. It is the second largest forest in Africa after the Democratic Republic of Congo. That is why gouvenrment has implemented a strict policy of forest management based on munitieuse logging with a large reforestation. Hence the creation of protected areas and national parks genuine natural attractions. These protected areas include three national parks, four wildlife reserves, a biosphere reserve, a reserve community, two hunting areas, four sanctuaries to protect chimpanzees and gorillas. Nowadays, there are three national parks and one lake reserve community project that account for one of the most successful conservation accomplishments of the Government:

National Parks:

Odzala-Kokoua National Park |

Odzala-Kokoua National Park in Congo’s remote north-west is one of Africa’s oldest national parks, having been proclaimed by the French administration in 1935. It is some 13 600 square kilometres (1 360 million hectares) of pristine rainforest and is an integral part of both the Congo Basin and the TRIDOM Transfrontier Park overlapping Gabon, Congo and Central African Republic. Covered in forests, rivers, marshes and swamps, the Park receives some 1 500 mm of rain annually, mainly during the two wet seasons. Permanent rivers are a primary feature, with the Lekoli and Kokoua rivers flowing into the Park’s major channel, the Mambili. In some places, the Mambili is up to 100 metres wide between densely forested banks; it then flows into the great Congo Basin.

Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park |

Congo Bbrazzaville tourismeThis Park is the country’s best-staffed park and is home to gorillas, elephants, antelopes, different species of plants and more than 300 birds’ species. Unfortunately, the virgin rain forest is not fully navigable. Tourism authorities require that a guide accompany tourists for walking and boat tours. Most visitors arrive to the park via airplane.

Conkouati-Douli National Park |

Congo Elephants ConkouatiCreated in 1999 Conkouati-Douli is the newest and the second largest of the three national parks in Republic of Congo.Situated in the southwest of Congo, on the Atlantic coast, the Conkouati-Douli National Park is the most ecologically diverse habitat in Congo. The borders of the protected area extend from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, through beach and coastal habitat, lagoons and mangroves, savannah and wetlands to the mountainous zones of the Mayombian forest and the Niari savannah. The area is consequently home to an extraordinarily diverse range of fauna, with marine species such as manatees, marine turtles, dolphins and whales, and many terrestrial threatened species, such as forest elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills and forest buffalo. (WCS Congo)


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ZES d’Oyo Ollombo  (special economic zone ),  Industrial Zone of Maloukou

Industrial Zone Makoulou

Industrial Zone of Maloukou

The creation of industrial zones dedicated the option of Congo to engage in the country’s industrialization. These industrial zones promote the implementation of industrial companies to promote “made in congo”. Most located in this area plants produce building materials according to the choice of the Congolese government intends to meet domestic demand exponentially. This area is one of the links in the special economic zone Brazzaville whose mission focuses on the production of manufactured goods, logistics and processing of agricultural products.

Your Business In Congo :Tenders and opportunities


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Key sectors for worldwide investors : Energy (solar, hydro, biomass, renewable ..), infrastructure, roads, natural resources, mining, Forestry telecommunications, tourism and ecotourism, responsible tourism, education, research, health, fisheries, transport


agricultural town of Imvouba

agricultural town of Imvouba

Agriculture is a key sector in human development has  Congo President detemine is to establish a genuine agricultural policy, food self-sufficiency for the agricultural sector open to international investment today integrates the basic dimension of development of congo.





Congolese forest global green lung

Congolese forest global green lung


The preservation of the forest of the Congo and the entire Congo Basin is national and global major issue so congo through a policy of operating management and regeneration of the forest is the center of the concerns of the Congo President .

Energy (solar, hydro, biomass, renewable ..):

Congo Energy 2 Congo Electricity Congo Brazaville  electricity Congo Hydro electrique

Energy is the raw material of any industrial process, then the congo has embarked on a comprehensive program of energy production, transmission and distribution of energy throughout the congo This comprehensive program is to construction of several hydroelectric dams to increase the energy capacity of the Congo, which will support the industrialization of the Congo and the efficient operation of industrial zones voracious of the energy.

Les infrastructures: 

Congo Brazzaville infrastructuresCongo Infrastructures 2Congo Brazzaville infrastructures 1Congo infrastructuresCongo Airport

The infrastructure deficit including roads and highways in africa whole constitutes a major barrier to the development of Africa. That is why the Congo, implements, a large policy of opening to the achievement of roads and highways required to move people and goods in the country and the sub-region and facilitates regional and sub-regional integration.



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Coming soon


Welcome to Congo

The Congo is the country of all the opportunities , political stability is a major asset for its development and offers a favorable business climate, and tourism. With 60 % of its territory covered with rainforest , the Congo and the entire Congo Basin are the 2nd green lung after the Amazon rainforest, this global strategic position gives Congo a leading role in protecting the environment , Congo correctly assumes this role. The extensive program : “The way of the future”,  of the President of the Republic for the modernization of the Congo , installed the Congo in the context of its emergence , modern infrastructure, services at the cutting edge of technology, allow the Congo to provide domestic and international investors , a excellent platform for the development of their business. Investors worldwide Congo is ready to welcome you . Consulates are available to give you information about your trip.

|Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Congo|

Equatoriale Congo Airlines

Equatoriale Congo Airlines











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