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cameroon en brefThrough its triangular or pyramidal shape, Cameroon is “sitting” on the equator, has a look of “strength”, its stretching north latitude from the equator often gives it the name of “Africa miniature” because in its geographical universe, Cameroon almost offers all the climates of Africa. His young and well educated population and its natural potential offer guarantees development in its march towards emergence. Its current political class in its policy known as “strategic projects” initiated by President Paul Biya would capitalize on these strengths and make Cameroon modern country and economic hub for Central | 

Cameroun president 2

President of Cameroon

When sworn in for the first time Nov. 6, 1982, The President of Cameroon Paul BIYA focuses its efforts on democratization of political, social and economic liberalization, rigorous management, moral behavior and strengthening international cooperation . In the context of modernization of Cameroon President Paul Biya launches its development policy called “structuring projects” based on the emergence of Cameroon and The President Paul BIYA said “I placed the previous seven-under the banner of” Greater Achievements “for Cameroon. objective of” Greater Achievements “was to give our country a way out of underdevelopment for . bring modernity and make the medium term, an emerging now, all studies were carried out: the necessary funding were found the time has come to move to the “Major Accomplishments” in. impelling a new dynamic for Cameroon. | |

Structuring projects

1 – Deep Water Port Kribi


Kribi Deep Port Project

Kribi Deep Port Project

Why a Deep Water Port in Cameroon, Kribi, and where are we?

The construction of the deepwater port of Kribi marks the beginning of a new era in the economic development of Cameroon, the era of major projects, integrators and generate growth, jobs and wealth. Initiated this project since 1980, was revived in 2008 after reaching the completion point of the HIPC initiative, marked by the debt relief and the possibility for the state to resume public investment, after two decades of structural adjustment.:

2 – Hydro-electric project MEME’VELE

Cameroon Projets structurants de Mevele

Hydro-Electric Projet

The situation in the energy sector in Cameroon is currently characterized by insufficient production of electricity, from 520 to 650 MW, which leads to rationing of energy supply to consumers. Energy consumption in 2004 reached approximately 615 MW, saturating capacity.



3 – Hydro-electric project LOM-PANGAR/

EDC (Electric Development Corporation)

Strategic instrument of the state for the development of the electricity sector , EDC ensures the preservation of public property in the area. EDC also supports the construction and operation of water control structures basins , including the Lom Pangar and direct exploitation reservoir dams in the country, according to the existing concession contracts between the State and different operators. The financial aspect of EDC is dedicated to the promotion of investments , as well as making and monitoring investments in companies operating in the production , transport, distribution, sale, import and export electricity . Utility company , EDC can act directly on a transitional basis , as an operator or operator , in order to ensure continuity of service in case of failure of an operator or an operator , or pending designation as thereof. EDC conducts and participates in studies of any kind, for the development of the country’s energy resources.

Cameroon Tourism and eco-tourism

waterfall in Cameroon

waterfall in Cameroon

If Cameroon is “Africa in miniature” then it has enormous tourism potential, its geographical south covered by lush rainforest is home to diverse wildlife: gorilla. elephants … are in an earthly paradise.

Sahelian landscape of northern Cameroon

Sahelian landscape of northern Cameroon

the North with vast expanse of savannah-like Sahelian reflects a change of scenery Safari Its fixtures west flank of vast grasslands.

Atlantic coast of Cameroon

Atlantic coast of Cameroon

This diversity of climate, vegetation and its various tourist sites, open on a coastline of over 400 km of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Friendly people complete the heavenly table Cameroon tourism and offers potential visitors spoiled for choice. : | |



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Invest in Cameroon National / International Opportunities calls for tenders 

10 good reasons to invest in Cameroon

Bilingual, French-English, and locomotive of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, its geographical position, its people and its natural resources, Cameroon has strengths to make.

 1. An exceptional geographic and human potential

2. An energy rich and varied basement

3. Economic engine of the Central African region

4. A stable political situation

5. An increase in public investment

6. A fixed national currency

7. A framework conducive to business development

8. Attractive tax

9. A young population and qualifed

10. Untapped tourism potential


Address: Rue Toby Kouoh( Rue Yvy – Bonanjo )/ Tél.: (237) 33 42 59 46 / 33 43 31 11 / Fax : (237) 33 42 59 16 ,E-mail :

Cemeroon Public Private Partnership 

 As worldwide countries,  Cameroon has launched a major program of investment in the context of a public – private partnership culminated in the creation of an organization dedicated exclusively to this form of investment. This organization (CARPA) provides for international investors more investment opportunities in key and priority sectors of the Cameroonian government:

CARPA| |Ministry of Economy planning and regional Development | |Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises of the economy and social and crafts: | |

List of Public Private Partnership Projects 2014

|List of PPP projects in 2014 official document |Legal Framework for Partnership Contracts in Cameroon |

Selected projects for public and private partnerships for 2014

Selected projects for public and private partnerships for 2014

The Government of Cameroon in its investment of public-private partnership program provides for international investors a list of projects selected for 2014. The Potential investors can contact the national CARPA for withdrawal of the application to express their interest before March 31, 2014 : Technical and Financial Capacities File


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|eRegulationsCameroon: |Cameroon Companies Board: |Agency for Public Procurement Regulation: |

Your Business In Cameroon:Tenders and opportunities

key sectors for worldwide investors : energy (solar, hydro, biomass, renewable ..), infrastructure, roads, natural resources, mining, agriculture, forestry, telecommunications, tourism and ecotourism, responsible tourism, education, research, health, fisheries, transport

Cameroon Agriculture

Banana Processing

Banana Processing

Agriculture is one of the keys sectors of the Cameroonian economy. The sole vegetal productions represent 30% of exportations in values, participate at 25 % to the GNP, and keep busy 70% of the working population. Due to its geographical and climatic position, the agricultural potential of Cameroon isimportant and diversified, because the country has strong comparative advantages, by its agro-ecology as well as its localisation or its natural resources. The main crops ranges from traditional food crops (cassava, yam, millet, sorghum, maize,…) to export crops (banana, cocoa, coffee2 , palm oil, cotton, hevea, pineapple ..) as well as less traditional crops (potatoes, onions, green beans, wheat, rice,…) produced either for local consumption or often for export.

Cameroun élévageLivestock is also an important activity of the primary sector. It concerns mostly people of the Northern part of the country, west , and North west. Animals raised in Cameroon are mostly zebu (Bos indicus). The bull (Bos taurus) are relatively small number and only 2% of the total cattle population. Bullfighting species found are: Muturu the southwest; the Namchi or Dowayo northwest in Faro; Kapsiki to the Far North and Mayo Tsanaga; Kouri the level of Lake Chad.

Cameroon poissonsFishing is essentially maritime and industrial. But aquaculture is another experience that can help boost production in fishery product. Indeed, this type of farming fish greatly limit post-harvest losses. Investors are welcome in this sector for their expertise.

The food-processing subsector is not yet very developed and concerns some essential products such as flour, oil, sugar and drinks. There is also a local processing of cocoa to chocolate.



Cameroon Anti Corruption Board

Cameroon Anti Corruption Board

To assist Cameroon to its emergence, the president and his government relies on good governance. So it was created an organization to fight against corruption and embezzlement of public funds. President Paul Biya said: “Corruption is a vice All which is not Specific to Cameroon, it is a global phenomenon, a goal we think country like bear, Which Does not Have Enormous resources, Will stand to benefit if we AVOID wasting money and other funds. We are Determined to go on and we have-nots only proceeded to arrest Some Officials Have you are today facing the law, goal aussi-have put in place a number of some structures 


coming soon

Welcome to Cameroun 

The will of President Paul Biya and his government to build a modern state and its people out of poverty, is part of the policy of “great achievements”. This will indicate a socio-economic revolution tag road to emergence. With its natural and human potential, political stability, are evidence of fulfillment of all potential investors who plan to undertake in Cameroon. So do not hesitate diplomatic missions are at your disposal for your convenience for travel to Cameroon …. Welcome to Cameroon


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