African Funds for Research, Investments, Industrialization, Innovation, Communication and Assistance

In our determination to support African countries, AFRIIICA would like to extend our investment services and opportunities in the public and private sector with various African countries in order to provide the necessary research and funding for large, medium and small projects.

As we are in constant contact with many leaders of African countries along with public and private developers, we now have a large database of viable projects and the necessary relationships with the ability to assist in managing investment opportunities.

Conditions vary investment by investment and government by government and in order to ensure the development of economic activity has a direct impact on populations, AFRIIICA expedites facilitates through extreme measures to enable and match the appropriate capital or investment funding source with the appropriate project. Our firm’s primary objective is to assist with the upturn of economic growth, create new jobs and funding opportunities. All while creating a safe haven for investors and leaders from the public and private sector.

We also recognize that Africa has the raw material to initiate industrialization, but it is the lack of capital and technological manufacturing that may produce shortfalls. It is for this very reason that we continue to offer participants in our program the necessary financial support and technology, and educate future members how AFRIIICA can introduce our participating members and with mutually beneficial projects and opportunities.

Member projects are in all sectors of activity but not limited to:

  •   Energy: Hydropower, Solar Thermal.
  •   Transports: Land, Air, Sea
  •   Agriculture: Machinery, Agro-Industry, Animal Industry and Fisheries …
  •   Mining: Oil, Gold, Diamond and other desired metals
  •   Large, Medium and Small public investment projects in the fields of health, education, planning & development, etc… Governments are open to receive and encourage private investment and local project leaders and international are welcome.

As an example, when AFRIIICA makes the decision to contact you, we have real situations and a chance of major players to fill the needs to build, like a refinery by an African oil producer who is looking for a private investor that can invest in the construction, the commissioning and the production of refined petroleum products, not only for the domestic market in the country, but for export.

The government will guarantee all local issues in question for the private investment’s operating conditions to ensure favorable and attractive support for each project. As for the refinery, the Government will ensure and sustain its domestic consumption first, which paradoxically matters, for products being refined by local crude producers.

In this proposed case, the benefits for the private investor will be at their highest levels:

  •   Ensuring the supply of crude oil
  •   A proposed exemption of taxes for at least 3 years
  •   Ensuring distribution monopoly in the domestic market and the possibility of exporting the surplus to the international market, in the creation of trading oil.

PS: This is why it is important to provide long term contracts; a refinery can process products for the global demand. (i.e. JP54, Diesel etc….)

As for investors, real opportunities are wide open and if this captures one’s preference, we put them directly in touch with local authorities through the following steps:

  1. Through a letter of expression of interest (LOI) addressed to the national company and manager of the appropriate agency. i.e. In the oil sector in the country, a copy is sent to the Minister of Mines and Energy.
  2. You will receive feedback and invitations to meet with the authorities for the presentation of the project in the technical, financial and environmental sector. This presentation will also include your background in their various projects in progress and future.
  3. A confidentiality agreement will be signed between the government and the private investor.
  4. A master agreement will be signed.
  5. Finally, the beginning of all projects identified in the Master Agreement.

What we offer to individuals seeking change is the chance to obtain information on funding opportunities that are available in their desired area.  Now, depending on the industries and locations, we will present the available relations that are consistent with investment goals and desired situation.



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