10 Check Points


10 Point Fit For Funding List

√ Point

Areas of Interest

Company A

Company B

Company C


Industry Experience?

12 years

8 years

3 years


Management Competency? Strong – low-risk D&B; good credit Fair – med-risk D&B; good credit Weak – high-risk D&B; poor credit


Funding Stage? Avg. 8/yr. Avg. 4/yr. Avg. 23/yr.


Key Customer Segment? Med./large business Fortune 500 Small business


All developers full-time employees and industry certified All developers full-time employees and industry certified Utilize many part-time or contracted developers


License/Approval from Local Government All key developers 5+ yrs. with us All key developers 5+ yrs. with them Many contracted developers


Size of Local Market? Trial available Trial available Demo only


Rightful Owner Confirmed? 90 day no-charge on-site support 180 day no-charge on-site support 3 free support visits/calls


Reference Story
(see Customer Reference Story template)
Wingtip Toys Woodgrove Bank Margie’s Travel


Banking and Finance Relationships/References Proven technology that can be quickly adapted to your unique needs Premium, fully custom solutions at premium price Tend to bid low to get the job; tweak existing solutions

Due Diligence Process

This previous is an example of the due diligence performed by trained and bonded agents of Afriiica.com.

√  They’ve conducted a thorough investigation on the project and its principals.
√  The project has received a stamp of approval to be listed within the approved listing of fundable projects.
√  This firm specializes in developing e-commerce solutions for rapidly growing medium and large businesses.
√  The organization has vast experience and realizes the need for strategic expansion.
√  This means that they have to rely on external funding sources to help support the growth plans.
√  The principal shareholders are open to equity fundraising as well as partnerships.
√  The organization would be happy to prepare a detailed financial analysis to further highlight and explain the investment opportunity.
√  Afriiica.com focuses more on bridging the gap between global investors and investment opportunities within developing nations.


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